ofheroismandsacrifice said: I have never forgotten a face, a name, or a soul, but then, I have only lain with three. So far, that is…

Men seem to be more able to forget than women. From what I’ve seen…

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    *Belle rises to her feet, following her.* Oh? And how did you?
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    *She kicks her feet out and stands with a bounce.* You could help me feed her. *She begins to lead the way.* You will...
We know what we are but not what we may be...

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Hello. My name is Ophelia. What's yours? Well, as you can see I'm a bit helpless at the moment. But I am setting my best foot forward. I like to make things. Art, writing, music. I even sing and dance a little. I'm told I can be a little melodramatic but I love with a full heart. Sometimes I am rather sick. I am still healing from all that has happened. Maybe we could be friends?

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